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(Sphyraena barracuda)



Maturity at: 58 cm in length

Max Published Size: 200 cm and 110 pounds

TnT Record: 73 pounds (unofficial)

TnT Season: Year round

IUCN status: Least concern



General Information: Found mainly near the surface. Juveniles occur among mangroves, estuaries and shallow sheltered inner reef areas; adult occurs in a wide range of habitats from murky inner harbors to open seas. Generally a solitary species, but can also be found in small aggregations. Feeds on fish, squid and sometimes on shrimps.  They normally ambush their prey.  Sold fresh and dried or salted. Although this species is considered ciguatoxic in many places, it has not been reported to be poisonous in the eastern Atlantic. Normally follows divers or swimmers out of curiosity, and rarely attacks humans.







Photo courtesy Chris Tucker

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