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Goliath Grouper, Jewfish

(Epinephelus itajara)




Maturity at: 130 cm in length

Max Published Size: 250 cm and 900 pounds

TnT Record: 725 pounds (unofficial)

TnT Season: Year round with peaks from June to Nov

IUCN status: Endangered




General Information: Normally solitary but it can form small groups. They have a preference for shallow inshore areas, but can also be found in deep waters near structures, rocks or mud bottoms. Juveniles can be found in mangrove areas and brackish estuaries. Adults have a tendency to be sedentary with very little inter-reef movements. Feeds on fish, octopus, turtles, sharks, stingrays and have a high favoritism for spiny lobster. Territorial near their cave or wreck where it may show a threat display with open mouth and quivering body. Larger individuals have been known to bite divers. Marketed fresh and salted and meat considered of excellent quality. Important game fish.  In the US and Brazil they have been protected for many years and they are now having an important come back and are quite abundant in Florida.


Photo courtesy Christopher Scott

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