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(Lutjanus apodus)



Maturity at: 25 cm in length

Max Published Size: 67 cm and 23 pounds

TnT Record: 10 pounds (unofficial)

TnT Season: Year round

IUCN status: Least concern



General Information: Shallow water species, adults are encountered in coral reefs, often near the shelter of elkhorn corals and gorgonians. Juveniles are found mainly over sandy bottoms with or without seagrass, as well as over muddy bottoms of lagoons and mangrove areas, and also entering brackish waters. Normally forms schools but large individuals can be seen solitary. Varied diet that includes fish, shrimps, crabs, gastropods and cephalopods. Considered a good food fish, although their flesh tends to be variable, sometimes soft and tender while and in other occasions a bit tougher.  It is marketed fresh or frozen.  Very common in Trinidad and Tobago, commonly known as dogteeth snapper often mistaken by a dog snapper.


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