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Snook, Brochet

(Centropomus undecimalis)



Maturity at: 42 cm in length

Max Published Size: 140 cm and 53 pounds

TnT Record: 38 pounds (unofficial)

TnT Season: Year round with peaks from July to Oct

IUCN status: Least concern



General Information: Adults are normally found in coastal shallow waters, hardly ever deeper than 60 ft, also estuaries and lagoons as well as freshwater. Feed on fish such as sardines and crustaceans (shrimps and crabs). It's a protandric hermafrodite, which means the change sex from male to female.  Mature individuals get together at river mouths during the spawning season, generally from May to September. Movements into freshwater occur seasonally but are not well understood. Important game fish and an excellent food fish.  Very common in Trinidad waters where is highly appreciated and demanded. 




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