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Trinidad Tarpon Thunder 2017

This year's Tarpon Thunder was a total success with 347 Tarpon releases during the day and a half long tournament: 130 releases in the 1st session, 139 releases in the 2nd session and 78 in the 3rd session.

There were 14 boats this year with 74 anglers which included four female, two juniors and five foreign anglers from USA. Team Moisturizer released 33 tarpon in one session which is a new record.

Official Results:

Best Anglers

1st Simon Bernard on board D'Rog with 1700 points

2nd Alan De Verteuil on board D'Rog with 1600 points

3rd Francios Mouttet on board Psyche with 1600 points

Best Female Angler Francis Mouttet on board Psyche with 1000 points

Best Foreign Angler Clay Padgett on board Animal with 900 points

Most Stick Releases Francios Mouttet on board Psyche

Best Junior Angler Francis Mouttet (F) on board Psyche with 1000 points

Top 10 Boats

10th Cheri Bomb 900

9th Dilligaf 1000

8th Taz 1200

7th Psyche 3400

6th Animal 3500

5th Ramajay 3800

4th Silva Hook 4300

3rd Moisturizer 4600

2nd Mapapire 4800

1st D'Rog 7000

The winning team (Captain Brett Thompson & Anglers Simon Bernard, Alan De Verteuil, Christian Bernard and Jonathan Bernard) on board D'Rog received and invitation to participate in the Offshore World Championship 2018.

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