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Kingfish Tournament 2017

The kingfish in one of the most sought-after gamefish and a special favorite in Trinidad and Tobago, due to their fighting strength and excellent eating qualities. Every year, a competition is carried out in Trinidad in search of these magnificent animals, where dozens of anglers get together to put their skills to the test. This year, 80 fishermen in 20 boats entered the event and these were the results:

Results of the Kingfish Tournament 2017:

Best Boat:

1st - Sea Hunter - 69.75 points

2nd - Jupiter - 45.75 points

3rd - Cool Runnings - 38.50 points

Best Anglers:

Best Junior Angler - Alexander Hadad - 69.75 points

Best Male Angler - Chad Chu Cheong - 45.75 Points

Heaviest Kingfish:

1st - Chad Chu Cheong - 24.85 lbs

2nd - Chad Chu Cheong and Colin Hamel-Smith - 20.90lbs

3rd - Dexter Mc Shine - 18.75lbs

4th - Colin Hamel-Smith - 17.60lbs

other fish:

Heaviest Cavali - Teddy Phillip - 18.55lbs

Heaviest Bonito - Jonathan Bernard - 19.60lbs

Chad Chu Cheong with the biggest Kingfish of the day weighing 24.85 pounds.

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