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Marlin Madness 2015

The 35th Marlin Madness Tournament was held in Tobago from 18th to 22nd of April 2015. With 24 boats and 120 anglers taking part on the competition, the expectations were very high. Boats left from Pigeon Point on sunday, monday and wednesday. The results are the folowing:

1st Place: Weigh To Go

2nd Place: Vesper Team

3rd Place: Remember me Now (Barbados)

fourth was "Carolina girl", followed by 5th "Sweet Peace" from Barbados, then "Cashepa" on sixth place, "Irish Cream" from Grenada on 7th, "Abracadabra" 8th place, then "Full Circle" on 9th place and "Familiy III" on 10th place.

Also worth mentioning:

Heaviest Wahoo - Abracadabra 30.8 lbs Heaviest Dolphin - Irish Cream 31.65lbs Heaviest Tuna - Weigh to Go 30.4 lbs Best Female Angler - Riana on Remember me Now Best Male Angler - Pappy on Weigh To Go 2nd Best Male Angler - Carl on Family lll Best Foreign Boat - Barbados - Remember Me Now First Billfish release - Mark on Kala Girl Most Billfish release team - Robert - Weigh to go Most billfish release angler - Pappy - Weigh to go

Despite not coming close to the numbers from last year (when there was a record of 83 billfish releases) there was enough action to entertain everyone. Another successful event organized by the TTGFA promoting the catch and release of billfish and thus the conservation of these magnificent animals.

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