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Spice Island Billfish Tournament Grenada 2016

Outstanding performance by Trinidad and Tobago fishermen in the Spice Island Billfish Tournament Grenada 2016. Although first place was obtained by the US team Exile, Trinidad and Tobago fishermen achieved the succeeding four positions as well as the second best individual angler (Jean Paul Debs) and first place on the boat pool (Champy). Official results were as follows:

Final Boat Position:

1st Exile (USA) (6600pts)

2nd Kala Girl (Trinidad & Tobago) (4200pts)

3rd Houdini (Trinidad & Tobago) (3000pts)

4th Blue Fever II (Trinidad & Tobago) (3000pts)

5th Gud Tyme (Trinidad & Tobago) (3000pts)

6th Smooth Ice (Grenada) (2400pts)

7th Cocobel (Trinidad & Tobago) (1800pts)

8th Irish Cream 2 (Grenada) (1800pts)

9th Silver Lining (Barbados) (1800pts)

10th London Pride (Trinidad & Tobago) (1800pts)

Top Anglers:

1st Christopher Van Grieken (2700pts) (USA)

2nd Jean Paul Debs (2100pts) (Trinidad and Tobago)

3rd Anthony Lambert (2100pts) (Grenada)

Boat Pool Results:

1st Champy (Trinidad & Tobago)

2nd Surf N Turf (Trinidad & Tobago)

3rd Vesper (Grenada)

4th Risky Business (Grenada)

The Budget Marine Spice Isle Billfish Tournament (BMSIBT) is held every year around January over four days. The tournament has three days of fishing with one rest day before the last. The general buzz of the tournament comes to life around the week before the opening briefing; boats arrive at the Grenada Yacht Club for their spot on the docks.

The tournament kicks off with the angler’s briefing the evening before the first day. The first fishing day begins with a Bimini start, where participating boats line up at the same time to make a synchronized charge to their favored fishing grounds.

Developing every year towards a full release tournament has helped the BMSIBT achieve longevity in the sport of fishing as an event in the region. Conservation is a key aspect of the tournament, which has taken away from the spectator aspect of the sport since less fish are brought to the scale unless they are a potential record.


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