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Wahoo Blow Out 2016

Photo courtesy Adrian E. Gray

The mighty wahoo was the main target of 30 fishing boats last weekend (20th & 21st of February). A total of 128 anglers (out of which there were four female and seven junior) participated this year in the Budget Marine TTGFA Wahoo Blow Out 2016.

There was a total of twelve wahoo caught (511.15 pounds), four dolphinfish (76.95 pounds) and one kingfish (15.90 pounds), for a total of 604 pounds of fish. Approximately 284 pounds were donated to the following charities: Christ Child Convalescent Home, Rainbow Rescue, Blanchisseuse Community Centre.

Photo courtesy Christian Reece

Official results:

Best Angler title was obtained by Nigel Garcia with his 78.45 pound wahoo and a total of 113.55 points

North Coast Slam was won by the boat "Papsan" with a Sailfish, a 31.80 pound wahoo and a 16.4 pound dolphinfish.

Best Action Shot was taken by Dean Fakoory on board "Blue Fever 2" with a Sailfish. wishes to express special thanks to Captain Jonathan De La Rosa from Island Yacht Charters and TTGFA for providing the results of this competition. Congratulations on another successful event.

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