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Trinidad Tarpon Thunder 2016

Due to their size, strength and incredible leaping abilities, the tarpon is considered one of the great saltwater game fishes. Trinidad is home for an incredible amount of these silver acrobats and every year anglers gather to enjoy fishing them in the Trinidad Tarpon Thunder Event.

This year, a total of 17 boats entered the competition with 80 anglers, three of which were juniors & four female. A total of 117 Tarpon released and these are the results of the 10th Annual Trinidad Tarpon Thunder Tournament:

Best Boats:

10th - Bounty Hunter

9th - Green Machine

8th - Taz

7th - Animal

6th - Mapepire

5th - Reel Tackle

4th - Silva Hook

3rd - D' Rog

2nd - Waash

1st - Ramajay

Top Anglers:

3rd - Paul Hamel Smith on board Waash with 500 Points

2nd- Isaiah Along on board Animal with 600 Points

1st - Christian Valdez on board Ramajay with 700 Points

Best Junior Angler: Isaiah Along on board Animal with 600 Points

Best Female Angler: Susan Persad on board Taz with 300 Points

Best Foreign Angler: Clay Padgett on board Animal with 100 Points

For winning this tournament, Team Ramajay will represent T&T in the Offshore World Championship in Costa Rica next year.

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